5 reasons you may need a freelance copywriter

number5Not sure if you need a freelance copywriter? Here are five questions to ask yourself to determine if an outside writing resource could help you meet your marketing goals:

  1. Do you lack internal copywriting resources? Your company may be a startup trying to get a brand established or your product promoted, but haven’t yet taken the big step of adding marketing, writing or design professionals to the staff. An experienced freelance writer can develop your brand messages, your unique selling proposition and your content marketing materials — items you’ll need to get your product noticed, understood and accepted.  You may even be a smaller department within a larger firm and may need temporary copywriting expertise for a specific project or time period — prior to a trade show or for a keynote speech, for example.
  2. Could you benefit from an external perspective? Employees often feel they know their company, its brand equity, and its products inside out and upside down. They just as often, however, can have a limited, stale, or biased view of the marketplace.  An outside perspective from a freelance writer or marketing consultant can often “shake things up” (in a good way) by offering new ideas and creative solutions.
  3. Do office politics demand a “mediator?” Indeed, politics are a reality in most organizations. An outside resource can often “mediate” different internal positions with new skills, interesting outsider perspectives on the problem, and resolutions that all sides can accept — and, most importantly, help everyone in the organization save a little face.
  4. Is your marketing budget pretty much tapped out?  A freelance writing resource can often help a company meet its urgent or short-term marketing objectives — without breaking the bank.
  5. Are you lacking specific expertise, training or knowledge? Many freelance copywriters offer experience in specific markets, industries or areas that may not be available in-house. You can often find writers who specialize in pharmaceuticals or cloud computing, for example, or in financial regulations, healthcare policy or any other trending topic. They may also be more up-to-date or recently trained on certain areas of importance to your company.

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