Are you dis-contented?

cm101-imgI know, I know. Everybody and their uncle is doing content marketing … except you. You’re getting a bit nervous that you and your company are falling behind the marketing curve.

Or, you wonder what your company could possibly have to talk about in the language of content marketing. Do you have anything to offer that’s inspirational, educational, motivational, or, heaven forbid, entertaining?

Take a deep breath.  It’s probably not as bad as you think. In fact, you may already have been doing content marketing and not realizing it. If you’ve ever produced a white paper, a how-to instructional piece, tips or techniques for doing something more efficiently, then, guess what, you’ve engaged in content marketing.

Also, there’s this: It’s highly likely that you have a repository of content-marketing-worthy material within reach. I find it more often than not that most companies have perfectly suitable content tucked away in their offices. For example:

  • Technical assistance: Does your R&D group have design guidelines, published papers, or toolkits that may be valuable to customers?
  • Service/Support advice: Does customer service have tips for troubleshooting or a story about a customer creating a solution?
  • Case Studies: Do you have a customer who’d go on record with a case study about how your company offered a solution to a particular problem or challenge?

More than likely, you’ve got a few gems squirreled away that would serve quite nicely in the content marketing arena. Start sniffing around. Do a little mining. Cozy up to those folks from other departments or other disciplines … you know, the ones that you rarely talk to. From what I’ve experienced, they’re often quite content to share some of their knowledge goods to the marketing effort.

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