Does Social Media Make Sense for Every Company?

Social-Media-IconsSome small to medium size companies are doing quite well, thank you, without social media. So says a post that originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum and was later reposted in Mashable.

The author looks at 10 small to medium size companies that have been very successful without social media marketing. For some, like pharma and medical firms, there are issues of confidentiality. Heavy industry tends to “under index” as social media users. (Conversely, according to the IAB, the biggest adopters of social media is retail, followed by telecom and financial services.)

The article states, “The simple truth is there often just aren’t enough people out there excited about your industry that want to spend their free time talking about it and sharing photos.”

I have to take some exception to that last statement. In some industries, it’s not the quantity of people who find you interesting, but the quality — i.e., those with high revenue potential. Customers could represent significant sales opportunities. Is it not fair to say that people spending huge amounts of money are intensely interested about what’s going on in their industry?

So, whaddya think? Does social media have a fit the marketing strategy for your customer? May be something to chat about over coffee.

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