If you’re not mobile, you’re not responsive.

response-teaserNot mobile? Then don’t call yourself responsive. That’s pretty much the marketing mantra of 2013. Companies that haven’t added mobile devices to their media mix are going to be left in the digital marketing dust.

Today, do yourself a big favor. See how your website performs on smartphones or tablets.  If it’s chopped up, incomplete, or slow to load, get thyself to a website professional right now.

More people are searching the Web via mobile devices than they are with desk computers or laptops. If you give surfers any reason to give up on you — delays or poor mobile presentation, to name a few — they will.

Web searchers have very little patience, even for the best of page presentations. Give them something that’s engaging, relevant, and easy to capture.

If you really want to be a customer-centric, responsive organization, you have no other choice than to be mobile-friendly. End of story.

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  1. Bob (boo-shay), Looks great!! But, hey, I’m a clinical social worker trained to hone in on everyone’s strengths. I’d give you a Clio. Is that the industry award? Seriously, best of luck in this venture. Leah’s all set for Eastern Standard after engulfing my leftovers. Do you still have parking spaces? I mean what means more: professional freedom or free Boston parking? Talk soon. Ollie

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