Content Marketing: Real or Rubbish?

A friend of mine offers some choice words for the lexicon of modern marketing: Nonsense, Rubbish, Crap and, well, a few other salty descriptors. (I’m adhering to the principle of not posting anything that I couldn’t say to my parents, wife or kids.)

But I happen to share my friend’s opinions on the matter. We’re both long-in-the-tooth marketers and advertisers, i.e., industry “gray hairs.” We were practitioners of “content marketing,” “word of mouth marketing,” “dialogue marketing,” “network marketing,” “corporate journalism” and “relationship marketing” long before they became “new” and sexy.

Marketing and selling have always been about inspiration, education, and motivation — the so-called ‘points’ of content marketing. There’s nothing especially new about it — except that today we have professional trade organizations, new job titles, international conferences, and ‘white papers about white papers’ devoted to the practice.

Before I start spouting like the grumpy, ol’ “back in my day” geezer, I grant that I have no problem with the new nomenclature and classifications of modern-day marketing. But, they are simple new ways to talk about what we’ve always done. What we need to remember, though, is why to do it and how to do it well.

In short, done right, ‘content marketing’ builds awareness, understanding, trust, purchase, loyalty and referrals from your customers. Not to split hairs, but that’s always been the goal of marketing and advertising and probably always will.

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