Coming to You Live!

Just when the entire world had pretty much mastered Facebook, the king of social media just had to come up with another thing, Facebook Live.

Not surprisingly, soon after Facebook Live launched in April 2016, brands were quick to the party. As HubSpot put it, companies began embracing Facebook Live in droves, using it as a real time “extension” of their video marketing.

For instance: Home improvement retailer Lowe’s showcased its Black Friday deals on Facebook Live to an audience of 32,000. Homemaker guru Martha Stewart uses it regularly to air live cooking videos. For Thanksgiving, fast food giant Taco Bell attracted 150,000 customers to its live “Friendsgiving” taco-“inspired” holiday dinner (yum).

Here are few tips for getting started on Facebook Live:

  • Use the “Only Me” privacy setting until you’re comfortable sharing your live video with others.
  • Don’t let Facebook Live “cannibalize” your usual Facebook activity. Space out your posts for at least two hours to avoid losing traffic.
  • It may sound strange, but keep introducing yourself during your live feed. It may take awhile to build up a critical mass of viewers and they need to know who’s talking to them!
  • Shoot visually engaging content. A lot of people mute their audio when watching videos. Keep the camera moving and let loose with some spontaneity!

Are you ready to go Facebook Live? You’re on in 3 … 2 …  1!

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