Second that Emotion

(With apologies to Smokey Robinson)

Okay, you guys, show of hands. Who among you would connect the National Football League with love?

No, we’re not asking if you “love” pro football. We’re talking about passionate, person-to-person, romance and true friendship.  Doesn’t seem likely that the manly-man world of the NFL would ever use love and companionship to attract fans or make a statement, right?

But, timeout! That’s exactly what the NFL did at its Pro Bowl Game in Orlando in January. Fans at the game began embracing and smooching for the popular stadium “Kiss Cam” shown on the JumboTron. As a large valentine heart framed the couples on screen, however, the hugging and mugging turned into something far more amazing.

The couples captured on camera represented a wide range of races, religions, genders, sexualities, and abilities. Partnering with the Ad Council, the NFL produced a touching, emotional Valentine’s Day video featuring the Kiss Cam stars, called “Fans of Love.”

“Fans of Love,” was made even more meaningful by being intentionally shot in Orlando, scene of a horrific, hate-based shooting this past summer.

This poignant, joyous PSA proves once again that all brands need to connect emotionally with its audience – even the rough-n-tumble, testosterone-fueled NFL.

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