Spot On

My agency has an annual tradition of debating our most (and least) favorite commercials on the Monday after the Super Bowl.  And the votes are in!  MORE’s Top 5 favorite Super Bowl Ads of 2017, starting with the four runners up, include (drumroll, please):

“Roger that!”Okay, call us homers, but this spot for Shields MRI features Super Bowl MVP, Tom Brady. The commercial shows TB placing his four Super Bowl rings in a locker at Shields MRI. Little did anyone know that an extra scene was shot back in September. When an attendant asks Tom if he wants to add his 5th ring Tom says, “Roger that!” – a playful(?) tweak at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. The updated spot began running soon after the Patriots secured their thrilling overtime win.

“Yearbooks” – A spot for Honda featured celebrities talking about their childhood dreams, using animated versions of their yearbook portraits. The future stars who provided their own voiceovers include Amy Adams, Steve Carell, Viola Davis, Missy Elliott, Tina Fey, Magic Johnson, Jimmy Kimmel, Stan Lee and Robert Redford. While we question the connection of the “dream” message to the Honda brand, we applaud the unusual and creative execution.

“My Daughter”Audi earned high praise, and some inevitable social media blowback, for it’s one-minute spot in which a dad watches his daughter race in a soap box derby event. The father wonders if he needs to explain the relative inequitable “worth” of a man versus a woman. When his daughter wins her race, the dad says, “Maybe I’ll tell her something different.” The spot closes with the statement, “Audi of America is committed to equal pay for equal work.”

“The Journey”One of the more intriguing spots, run by construction supply company, 84 Lumber, shows a Latino mother and daughter on a perilous journey to enter the U.S.  Some of the content in the spot, such as a scene of the couple encountering a seemingly impenetrable border wall, was deemed too controversial for TV. Part two of the commercial, seen only online, shows the mother and daughter entering through an unlocked door into the U.S. to pursue their dreams.

And the winner is….

“We Accept” – Reeling from some negative PR, Airbnb ran a spot to reassure its customers that people of every background, culture, religion and skin color are more than welcome to stay at Airbnb residences. The ad features close-up shots of diverse Airbnb employees, while a message states, “We believe no matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, or who you worship, we all belong.”

(First published on 2/9/17)

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